Cutting a playing card in half with a rifle bullet at long range. Shooting a coin tossed in the air, at a range of 90 feet.

Those were just two of the skills of famous trick shooter (or exhibition shooter) Annie Oakley, who drew crowds of hundreds when she toured with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show in the USA, back in the 19th century.


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Trick shooting at The Game Fair

Whilst today you can watch trick shooting on YouTube and other social media, there’s nothing quite like watching exhibition shooting live and so this year we’ve organised for 46 year-old Italian trick shooter, Raniero Testa, to come along and entertain you. What Raniero can do is nothing short of remarkable.  In 2021 he shot 17 clay targets in mid-air in 2.08 seconds and in fact has set 15 world records with his shooting.


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A post shared by Raniero Testa (@ranierotestaofficial)

Raniero’s talent was noticed at an early age and he started trick shooting when he was 12, turning professional 13 years ago.

Practice, practice, practice

Staying on top of his game and making records requires constant practice. Raniero trains on a daily basis, shooting around 1000 shots each time. Every session lasts about four hours.

In 2011 Winchester named two rifles after him, the SX3 and SX4 Raniero Testa limited edition, which are sold worldwide. This honour was preceded only by the great Buffalo Bill and John Wayne.

We feel very lucky to have him at The Game Fair and his performance is certain to draw gasps of amazement. During his career he has thrilled thousands, but always with safety foremost in his mind.

Raniero Testa

Want to see Raniero Testa in action? Get your tickets for the Game Fair here.

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